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why nmc tea ?

NMC Tea, the emerging brand in the natural foods, has an exclusive flavor, taste and appearance. It is made with the finest tea leaves plucked exclusively from the tea garden. Quality is maintained right from the stage of plucking to the final stage of manufacture. Great care is taken from the initial stage of tea plucking to the.

The Manufacturing Unit is situated in Ilam, Nepal. Ilam is one of the known for its tea production sector and also attractive tourist destination. The surrounding mountain range, where the early sunrays falls in the leaves of the tea bushes, gradually became home to several hundred Tea estates at elevations of one thousand to six thousand feet, comparable with those of Darjeeling which produces almost four times as much thanks to its more tropical location. 

NMC’s best tea is produced in between late February through April as First Flush; April through May or June as Second Flush; July to early October as Monsoon flush or Rains flush and through Early October to mid-November as Third Flush. The high grown teas from the NMC are among the finest produced anywhere.

Between tea connoisseurs, tea flushes can start a heated discussion. While some argue the best tea will always come from fresh new buds and leaves, the other prefer stronger and bolder infusions. Tea is harvested whole year round and each season brings different flavors.

First Flush is defined as the very first plucking of a tea plant’s harvest season. The new growth leaves plucked during First Flush are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and are said to yield the purest and freshest cup of tea that plant is capable of producing. The reason why many tea drinkers are excited about the first flush teas is because of their delicacy and freshness. Tea harvesting usually stops before winter, making a waiting period very long.

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how does tea flush affect taste ?

Tea plants need sun, water and soil to grow. During winter time plants in tea gardens lay dormant. As the spring approaches and they get more sun and better weather conditions in general, they start slowly growing until they are ready for the first harvest. This means they had enough time to collect most nutrients.
When exposed to more sun, tea bush will grow faster and will be ready for another harvest much sooner than the first spring flush. However, they will contain fewer nutrients too. This will influence the flavor of the tea.
Regardless the country and tea, autumn flushes are almost always considered the lowest quality ones. Flavor of flushes, regardless the tea type or the country, has a lot in common with the characteristics of each season. Spring harvest will yield fresh, light and airy tea, able to wake up all your taste buds. Summer harvests are rich, bull-bodied, with intense color and warmth. In Autumn nature starts to weaken, washing out the summer flavor, and offering airy and light taste, but less fresh than spring one. Winter brings coolness and freshness again, so teas harvested in winter will have a great flavor appreciated by tea drinkers.

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