Frequently Asked Questions

  • Easy Payment
  • Convenient
  • Emergency use
  • Easy for travelers
  • Cheapest and the Best for use in India where you can get unmatched access in more than 32000 ATMs.
  • Moving together with technology
  • Competitive issuance fee and cash withdrawal charges

We issue normal SCT Debit Card (valid only in Nepal and India),

To subscribe for NMC-COOP DEBIT CARDS, our account holders can visit any of our branches and submit the duly filled card application form, along with one passport size photo. The bank reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Card application forms are available at all our branches.

Card can be closed anytime as per the wish of the Member through the online and offline channel.

  • Keep your ATM card and PIN safe. Memorize your PIN and don’t share it with anyone.
  • For safety reasons change ATM Pin from time to time.
  • Count cash received from ATM machine before leaving the ATM location.
  • Cash once dispensed will not be taken back by ATM.
  • In case of discrepancy immediately contact your Card issuing bank.
  • Don’t ask help from anyone other than bank’s guard/ staff if you have any confusion regarding operation of the ATM.
  • Do not leave ATM Booth before your transaction is completed.
  • If you lose your card, report to the Bank immediately to block the same.

(If you have any queries regarding our Card services, please do write to us.)
Email ID: atm@nmc.coop.npp
Ph. No.: +977 023567188
Website : nmc.coop.np


NMC SMART Mobile Banking is the latest value added service offered by NMC-COOP to its Members. Members can perform different banking transactions by using NMC SMART Mobile Banking. The three different types of services you can get from NMC SMART Mobile Banking are:

Type 1: Inquiry based transactions such as balance inquiry, transaction history inquiry, transaction alert,  etc, 

Type 2: Request for banking services such as check book request, statement request, check stop request

Type 3: And also perform transactions such as fund transfer, utility payment, merchant payment, third party payment.

You can get NMC SMART Mobile Banking Services if you are a customer of NMC-COOP. The Services is available only to Sole Account Holders of the Bank or to the person authorized to perform banking transactions individually. A written mandate from other account holder(s) is a must to avail the Services in case of Joint Account.

If you are an existing customer of NMC-COOP, you can subscribe to NMC SMART Mobile Banking Services by filling a NMC-COOP Mobile Banking Application Form.  

Click here to download NMC SMART 

  • Easy access to your account information in a single tap. Share and scan your QR to receive and make payments.
  • Transfer funds between different accounts of MBL as well as other various bank accounts that are linked with MBL or Fonepay networks.
  • Pay utility bills like Postpaid, NTC landline, credit cards, electricity bills, water bills, school college fees, etc.
  • Top-up can be done directly to NTC Prepaid, Postpaid, ADSL, NCELL Prepaid & Postpaid, Dish home, and various Sim TV and Net TV accounts.
  • Easy payments to the Merchants that are linked or associated and registered with MBL. NTC prepaid Postpaid, CDMA, NCELL Prepaid & Postpaid, Dish home, and various Sim TV and Net TV accounts, Subisu, and other various communications recharge vouchers are easily available.
  • Can locate branches and ATM’s easily through NMC Smart.
  •  biometrics login. Use your fingerprint and face id to login and make payments.